A very specific area of KD Consulting group and one that KD has a passion for is growing the top line.

Revenue growth is needed year after year to combat the ever-rising expense structure that it takes to put on an event or manage a venue.

KD will dive deep into the 4 areas of revenue growth:

Existing Revenue Analysis

We’ll take a deep dive into your current revenues and provide some insight as to whether you have the right mix and if there are dollars being left on the table

Opportunity Identification

Opportunities exist everywhere…. Within existing accounts, new accounts or new revenue streams. We will find them


Your growth strategy needs to be calculated and measurable. KD will set goals and provide framework on how to achieve


KD can be engaged to represent your company for a specific period of time to deliver on achieving your goals.

Without the proper approach and continued focus, your top line can become stagnant or start to shrink. We are here to help with that, it’s what we do!