Marketing and promotion of your business are vital to the short and long-term success. A very dangerous practice of slashing marketing budgets occurs with many events & businesses who have flat revenues and are looking to improve the bottom line.

Marketing continues to evolve almost on a daily basis and unless you have someone dedicated to staying at the forefront of trends and analytics, there is a good chance you will benefit from our help.

The days of traditional marketing where you split your budget between print, radio, tv and outdoor are long gone. Our team will customize a marketing plan specific to your need and long-term goals.

Communication initiatives further support your marketing efforts and raise the profile of your business or event. Our experienced team will walk you through media releases, media and community events, social media content strategy, and contesting leading up to your event.

In addition to marketing and communications prior to an event, KD specializes in creating event communication plans that address things like who will speak to the media, what can and can’t be said, controlling social media, etc.