Sponsorship….. the dreaded “s” word! When creating an event or looking for additional revenue for your business, having someone say “find a sponsor for that”, is not a great strategy.

A proper sponsorship program must be well thought out, validated with the marketplace and be achievable. The program must be designed for long term sustainability and not a short term need. If your program is not properly planned, it will fail.

Sponsors today are looking for a lot more than just a name or logo on a sign. They are activating at events and becoming part of your team. Having a proper valuation for your assets is critical. KD’s valuation algorithm will ensure you are receiving the appropriate value for your offering.

Asset identification

We’ll conduct a thorough review of your event, venue or business to identify what assets will become part of your sponsorship inventory

Valuation and budget creation

$100 or $100,000??? Using our algorithm along with current market rates and trends, KD will properly value your assets and create a multi year plan for your new revenue/expense lines. *Yes, there are direct expenses that come with the revenue

Sponsor prospect alignment and validation

Coca cola is a strong brand but may not be right for your business. Our team will provide a report identifying sponsors that align and ultimately benefit your business more than just financially


KD can be engaged to represent your company for a specific period of time to deliver on achieving your goals. For a lot of businesses, this eliminates the need for an additional FT hire.